Pay for a meeting:
Business Name
Date GCTA Activity Location
October 12, 2017 GCTA Fam Tour Jekyll Island Club Resort - Click for details
July 13, 2017 GCTA Annual Meeting: Board Transitions St. Simons Island
June 8, 2017 No General Meeting; GCTA Board Planning Workshop Darien – Open Gates B&B
May 11, 2017 GCTA Program Meeting: Slate Presented for Approval Darien
April 13, 2017 GCTA Fam Tour FAM tour of Jekyll Island including Sea Turtle Museum, carriage tour, tour of Beach Village and Westin Hotel
March 9, 2017 GCTA Program Meeting Oatland Island Wildlife Center - Presentation on 2017 marketing co-op buys and tour of wildlife center
February 9, 2017 GCTA Fam Tour “Henry Ford in Richmond Hill" at the Richmond Hill History Museum
January 12, 2017 GCTA Meeting: Slate Open for FY 18 Officers St. Mary's Welcome Center
December 8, 2016 GCTA Holiday Luncheon Brockington Hall in Savannah
November 10, 2016 GCTA Program Meeting Okefenokee NWR